What is Developer’s Notebook?

The formal answer is that it is a place where developers can gather information, read interesting articles, learn through examples and generally feel at home.

The practical answer is that it is a suped-up blog with articles about topics of interest for developers.

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The idea for Developer’s Notebook came when Alex Seifert decided he wanted to write about some of the technologies he uses or is interested in as a developer. He enjoys reading about programming languages, frameworks, editors and IDEs, servers, operating systems and all sorts of other technologies that could only fascinate a nerd.

Since Alex also happens to enjoy writing, he made the decision to start his own website with articles about some of his favorite topics.

At any given time, Alex has a number of personal programming projects going on at once and while they rarely ever actually reach a releasable state, he learns a lot in the process. On Developer’s Notebook, he will, among other things, share what he learns with the hope that it will help someone someday getting started with a similar project.

A notebook for developers.